for ost - Orientierung im neuen Europa. Interdisiziplinär, interregional, praxisorientiert.


---> New books: 

Kenneth Hanshew (ed): "EU=Europe? Euroscepticism and European Identity". (forost working paper 45)

K. Roth: "Europäisierung von unten? Beobachtungen zur EU-Integration Südosteuropas" [Bottom Up Becoming European? Some Remarks on the EU Integration of South East Europe] (forost working papers 44)

W. Quaisser, M. Wegner: "What Future for the European Union? An Economic Debate and Perspective" (forost working papers 43).

Download here.
---> forost final conference Friday 25 January 2008, 10-18 h, Bavarian Academie of Science. Registration here. 
---> New books: 

V. Wendland: "Wie wir die Karten lesen. Osteuropäische Fragen an europäische Geschichte und europäische Einigung [How we read maps. Eastern European Questions towards European History and Integration]" (forost working paper 41)

B. Dietz, R. Frensch: "Different Dimensions of Diversity across Europe" (forost working paper 42).

Download here.
---> "Europe - bottom up." History, Perception and Consequences of the "European Project" in Eastern Europe. International Conference. Gießen and Marburg, Sept. 27-29, 2007 .
Programme: pdfmore
---> Czech Euroscepticism. Cartoons. Internet-Exposition, by Project III.5 (Anti-european Discourses and EU Scepticism in Czechia). Visit the Exposition


---> Recent studies: 

Bürger, Thomas: "Erfolgreiche Personalführung in der deutsch-tschechischen Wirtschaftskooperation." (forost Working Papers No. 40)

Bormann: "Die Vollstreckung von Gerichtsurteilen in Rumänien." (forost Working Papers No. 39).

Download here.
---> Festival of Europe in the Munich "Funkhaus", June 30, 2007; for children and adults. Details.
---> Seminar "How to Successfully Assert One's Rights in Eastern Europe". April 24, 2007, Munich. Details.
---> Event: "Munich celebrates 50 years of European Union". Programme March - June 2007 here (pdf),
---> Lecture: "Europa und das Land am Rand: Europäische Konzeptionen im ukrainischen politischen Denken des 20. Jahrhunderts", by Dr. Veronika Wendland, Monday, February 5, 2007, 18.00-20.00, Munich. Details.
---> Most recent publications

Helga Schubert (ed.): "Europäisierung" - Begriff, Idee und Verwendung im interdisziplinären Diskurs. (forost working paper 38, Dec. 2006).

Walter Koschmal (ed.): Europabilder und Europamethapern (forost working paper 37, Dec. 2006)

Richard Frensch: Product Differentiation, Transition, and Economic Development (forost Arbeitspapier 36)

Stefanie Solotych: Die Vollstreckung von Gerichtsurteilen in Russland (forost Arbeitspapier 35).

---> "Find Your Way into the New Europe" - forost at the Munich Reserach Summer Festival, July 15-21, 2006, Marienhof / Altes Rathaus (city center).
Programme (pdf)
Press release (pdf)
---> Lecture "Successfully managing joint projects and networks", by Prof. Alexander Gerybadze, Thursday, Mai 4, 2006, organized by abayfor.
Programme and application form here (pdf).
---> forost Phase III (2006-2007) has started with 9 new projects.
See press reslease of the Bavarian Ministry of Science, January 3, 2006 (pdf-download)
---> "European Menue" - An evening of culture, science and kitchen about Eastern Europe. November 12th, 2005 in Regensburg.
---> Conference: Social capital as a resource on the way to the EU. Institutional trust and rule of law as preconditions of enlargement? September 8th-10th 2005, Sofia (Bulgaria)
---> forost working papers 28 und 29: "Language and Politics" and "Execution of court decisions in Hungary".
---> Citizens' Europe: forost at the Streetlife Festival in Munich, June 18-19, 2005.
---> Conference "Human Rights, Political Rights and Bourgeois Middle Classes in Bohemia, 19th cent." April 22-24, 2005, Bad Wiessee (Bavaria).
---> Conference on the social role of orthodox priests in Bulgaria and South-Eastern Europe in the 20th century and today. March 10-13, 2005, Velingrad (Jundola village), Bulgaria.
---> Conference on civil society thought in eastern middle European countries 1970-2000. 11.-12. February 2005 in Prague.
---> Results of the research on the confidence of enterprises in Hungaria and Cechia in institutions and networks.
---> Conference "Forced Migration as an issue of conflicting memories and histories in a post-enlargement Europe". 6.-7.12.2004 in Munich.
---> Database "Language culture in Eastern Europe", by project 2.IV.1. - The database is permanently available via our "Publications" page on this website.
---> Report on the conference "Language of politics - politics by language" (April 16.-17th, 2004).
A week of Eastern European countries
May 2nd-9th, 2004. Music, literature, arts and sciences - eight days of activites all over the town in Munich. The new EU members Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia and Slovenia present themselves in over 100 locations and events. Read more hier klicken!

Central information desk on European enlargement, the current events in Munich and the new Eastern European member countries example
from 3rd to 7th May in the "Gasteig" culture centre, Munich.
Conference on "civil society" on March 3rd, 2004 in Munich. Participants from outside forost are welcome.
More details
hier klicken!
Final report on forost phase 1 (2001-2003) as download or book.
---> Report about the forost conference "Recent discourses on flight and expulsion 1938-1950 in East Central Europe". Download als pdf-file (für Acrobat Reader etc.)
Conference:  "Perspectives of German language in future EU. Linguistic and juridical aspects.
18-19th, 2003 in Regensburg.
hier klicken!
---> Days of Bavarian and Bulgarian Culture at Sofia, Bulgaria
Mai 16-25th, 2003

Bayern + Bulgarien (Logo)
forost-representatives at the conference "Bavaria and Bulgaria - Partners in European Integration" at St.Kliment-Ochridski-University, Sofia
Recent forost events

Foto von der Justizreform-Konferenz

Final report on forost 2006-2007: "Europa as a Challenge: Obstacles and Chances for Enlarging and Consolidating the EU" (December 2007, in German) download

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