...analyses in up to 20 concurrent research projects several issues of change and continuity in Eastern and South Eastern European countries, particularly concerning the current process of EU enlargement. The projects are interrelated in order to create a network of discussion, which broadens the horizon of the participating scholars. The network's aim is to highlight the preconditions and implications of transformation in Eastern European countries. It thus provides fundamental knowledge for economic and political decisions in Europe, with emphasis on social and cultural matters.

...works  with internationall and interdisciplinary scope. Forost integrates several universities and research institutions in Bavaria, Germany's south-eastern province, which has, due to tradition and geographical location, close contacts to more (south-) eastern parts of Europe. With the cooperation of several research branches like history, ethnology, linguistics, economics, and law we expect to implement new areas of perception and insight.
...unifies  about 50 researchers from humanities and social sciences, economics, and law which have specialized in research and teaching on Eastern European countries, cultures, and traditions.     
...has been financed  by the German federal province of Bavaria for a first term in 2001-2003 with 1.3 Million Euros. The first term finished in March 2003. The second term (from May 2003 to May 2005 ) with a new set of research projects has dealt with several questions of pretence and reality in European integration. For details click here.
...is now in a third term (from January 2006 to December 2007) with a new set of research projects concerning "Europe as a task - Plusses and Minuses of the EU Enlargement". For details click here.
institutions active in forost
University of Munich (LMU)
University of Regensburg
University of Bayreuth
Collegium Carolinum (Munich)
Institute for Eastern Europe (Munich)
Institute for South-Eastern Europe (Munich)
Institute for Eastern European Law (Munich)
Hungarian Institute (Munich)
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