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The Fortrans Research Network finished its work as planned in December 2009.

This website remains online so that you can continue using the Fortrans resources.

Business Meeting:
International Business Contacts - Risks and Network Management“,
16 October 2008, 12.00-17.00, Bayreuth, IHK (Kammersaal).
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33rd EIBA Conference, 13-15 December 2007, Catania (Italiy)
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"From concurrence to cooperation" - fortrans at the Munich Research Summer Festival, July 15th to 21st, 2006, Marienhof / Altes Rathaus (city center).
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fortrans workshop: Small Enterprise Networks: Empirical findings and common aims. 1.-2. June 2006, Bayreuth.
Lecture "Managing joint projects and networks" by Prof. Alexander Gerybadze. Thursday, 4th May, 2006. Organized by abayfor. Programme (pdf) >>
T. Kühlmann: Self organization in the global market djungle. Medium sized enterprises and their networks. >>
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fortrans starts its work. In August 2005 the research group "Transnational Networks" has started its six current research projects, run by teams of four Bavarian universities.  Their common aim is to help small and medium sized enterprises cope with global market conditions and intercultural risk management. >>
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Our task:
Business success of small and medium sized enterprises through intercultural risk management >>
Arbeitsgemeinschaft der bayerischen ForschungsverbündeBayerisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst
Forschungsverbund Ost- und SüdosteuropaForschungsverbund interkulturelle Kommunikation
...and several others. See project descriptions:
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02 - Informal networks >>
03 - Stakeholder networks >>
04 - Opportunism >>
05 - Inpatriation >>
06 - Working in foreign countries >>
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Universität Bamberg >>
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