fortrans working papers, 01
Transnational Networks – an Effective Tool for Risk Reduction? Small and Medium-Sized Companies in the Global Market Place
Munich 2008, ISBN 978-3-12340-0-8

Contributors: Christian Dietsche / Dirk Holtbrügge / Torsten Kühlmann / Jonas Puck / Johannes Rehner / Philipp Schauwecker / Gabriele Scheuring / Erika Spieß / Christina Stroppa

Vorbemerkung (p. 5-10)
Christian Dietsche: 
Using Networks to Reduce Environment-Related Risks - SMEs in International Shrimp Trade
(p. 11-26)
Dirk Holtbrügge / Jonas F. Puck: 
Stakeholder Networks and Strategic Risk Management: An Empirical Study among German SMEs in Russia.
(p. 27-59)
Johannes Rehner: 
“Playing the Game” - Corruption as a Risk for Doing Business in Argentina and Mexico.
(p. 51-68)
Philipp Schauwecker / Torsten M. Kühlmann: 
A Classification of Opportunism in Transnational Inter-firm Networks of SMEs.
(p. 69-90)
Gabriele Scheuring: 
Creating Transnational Networks in Multinational Organisations by Transferring Inpatriates from the Subsidiary to the Headquarters: Expectations and Reality.
(p. 91-103)
Erika Spieß / Christina Stroppa: 
The Role of Social Support and the Importance of Interpersonal Networks to Minimize Risks of Foreign Assignment.
(p. 103-120)
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